CrunKed ViZion

by Ze Gran Zeft

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released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Ze Gran Zeft Toulon, France


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Track Name: Zumbagawa (NANANANA)
All the people in the front gotta make ya feet stomp ya say ?
Zumbagawa Nanana !
All the people in the back gotta make ya head whack ya say ?
Zumbagawa Nanana !
And all the boyz in da hood, grab a girl it's all good baby !
Zumbagawa Nanana !
And now we tear da roof off, till we hit the shit rough
From the meany groove of Zumbagawa Nanana !

[Verse #1]
Sat down in my throne, playin with my people
Bangin bitches all along,
Lookin through the peep-hole to see what is goin on
No matter the weather, get around with anyone,
Lust in an art for an epicurean.

And what if we got naked all together, shall we ?
What if we got wicked all forever, show me ?

Zumbagawa Nanana!

[Verse #2]
I'm da masta of my sack
Gyals hide on my back
The Lieutenant of my mojo my dick is a torpedo
Messin wit my junk, smellin the skunk
Head in da trunk, you praise we debunk

Rockin' & Fuckin' & Shockin' & Shakin' & Movin' & Doin'
Whut motherfuckers beg for

Rockin' in, Fuckin' in, Shockin' in, Shakin' in, Movin' in & Doin'
Bang in it, Boom in it, Play in it, Strokin' it, Smokin' it

Push it up,
Higher push it
Getcha way stronger
Mash it up
Lower mash it
Betcha play harder

Wit dy gyal
Kyan dweet
Fi a mek dem lower
Yuh di ryal
Gyalis ryal
Lak en call you louder
2-3-1, we aint got the change
We jus make it strange
For y'all groupies out there

From the L to the A,
We get laid wit anybody
Annie you ok,
This is the only thing we can bear

Push it up, high push it, push it up higher
Mash it up, low mash it, mash it up lower
Track Name: Hangin' 'Round
[Verse #1]
The story of a son of a bitch
Who never knew his mom
Pretends he never had been ditched
But don't know where he's from.

He deals with anyone for treats
His gait is raw home grown
He thinks he fuckin rules da streets
Just when I come alone.

He got one chance
Facing the circumstance
I won't go that down
To embrace the motherfucker of disdain

My way seems too tricky
To feed and heal the hopeless
And my hand, Big enough to catch
Small enough to clench.

[Pre Chorus]
So startin'...
A new quarrel with me
Like if I begged for
This motherfucker will be
Another dirty whore!

Another fuck up for free
A chav who craved for
Some kinda contact with me

Like I was hangin' around...


[Verse #2]
So baby wanted to play daddy
Just cuz he thought I was done
He tried to fuckin tread on me
But gave the dog a bone

I hardly smashed his mouth
And went to hit the wall
Another fuck up goin south
Another head in the fall

Among the wise and wicked
Abides an ol'whack head
Obsessed by the golden tread
He has never had

Nothin' to fuck wit the shit you jus spit
So don't hold your breath
Cuz you're gonna join death!

[Pre Chorus]
So this is...
A new quarrel with me
Like if I begged for
This motherfucker will be
Another dirty whore!

Another broke up for free
A chav who craved for
Some kinda contact with me,

Like I was hangin' around...

If I got dat shit, to make this meany motherfucker quit
Then I cud
Stand alone, upon my pimped out throne

If I got dat shit, to make those meany motherfuckers quit
Then I cud,
Rule the stools, like an Icon for the fools

Track Name: Chega !
[Verse #1]
Huh huh ? Yeah.. Still stickin up, my hoarse voice scats

Hoochie, dutchie, what a freak party
No more smoochies, now I breeze, at ease,
When I do it 'Han Han', raw shit 'Han Han'
And then I stir it 'Han Han'
Really willy pussy already commit it
A pretty commitee at da prettiest spree 'Han Han'
I'm playin on a sure shot, Oh la la, dat's my tralala
I'm obscene when I get ya in a place ya wanna lala
Fucked up in the head I remain a bad motherfucker!

[Pre chorus]
Don't fuck up my plan,
The piece of the flan
I want it!
A fang in the brain
Oh! (x2)

And tha vicious remains!

All the dirty
In my body
Got me scuffin my throat
Sayin Oh! chega! (x2)

[Verse #2]
You lot! Hear me now!
Introducin' da fresh style of us dilly dally boyz!

Put it in, put it outta
Pernamy namy namy
Booty betty bumpin in a hard body body body
Buddy boy bun bam boom!
Killin' many many
Mi nah boomatang a fi

Pickneys, pick up tha shitnitz
Jus when I skit spit
Right upon da shit sprit
Then a fitty felly spreadin' fully
Her fat fanny fannin' out
And fillin' up on sum koochie

Right (Right) upon da floor (floor),
See me get raw wit my southpaw smile!


Track Name: If I Were
[Verse #1]
There is a ready to wear
Like there's a ready to eat
And then a ready to shit

I'm pretty sure, I cud swear
That there's a ready to think
To make motherfuckers skit

And I'm about to try another stuff
Ready to be worn, sir
For some reasons I have needed this
If I were another fool
I'd hardly try to reach it
My aim, in life summed up to a grabastic
Mix of nothing
Tried to grab my tail with my dick...

If my mom got some...
I wud fuckin call her dad

[Verse #2]
And if I, if I, if I w-w-w-were
Another guy, well
M-m-m-maybe I could have
Many many much more than my bag can hold
Maybe I cud kill that cravin
Or just let it unfold..

Razzle dazzle shit!
Gent bent gimme a break come on
Jus dig deeper and work yuh body
Work it out!

Razzle dazzle shit!
Gent bent gimme a break come on
You lay low, go motherfucker
Work it out!

[Verse #3]
If my mom got ones
I'd fuckin call her dad
'If-Is' picked up per tons
A life passed all shit-clad

From the cheek to the palm
There's only one thin line
A wake up call like a bomb
Too many smacks decline

Admitin' that I've tossed what I stirred,
Embracin' is just a meany upper
But the shit sticks on the soles!
I don't think less of this pack of turd
The hubris is da new breath of the spoiled ass
The futility tolls!

Track Name: D.I.E.T (Do I Eat This ?)
[Verse #1]
Fat belly blubba wrigglin like a worm
Eatin's like ya middle name
Cud even invent the term
Got a fat belt, and can't fasten it
It's flattened here!
You took a nap onto ya chap
And now he's croakin'!

And I know, and I know, and I know
It's hard for you to swallow your neighbors are cruel
And tha shit seems to follow.
They watch you and insult you, what you've been through
They mock you till' you fuck dem, fuck 'em up boo!

T-tons of raw bitches!
Smash hard pon' da silly fitty booty blah!
T-tons of raw bitches!
Smash hard pon' da silly fitty booty, booty, booty blah!

[Verse #2]
The birds are mockin,
They worship the template
Everyone is just a coarse hint,
Like a whale in a corset
But supa fitty bitch
Shitty skirt performer ain't no tight,
When she shakes her rumpa full of cellulite!

You so mean in ya clean jeans
Ya make me dreamin!
Never take it off
Your legs will turn into a crime scene!
You thought I cud only care for a nice pair of eyes?
But I don't fuck da snobby shit
Comin' straight from the pigsties!


Do I eat this? Tomorrow...